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The inspiration for the creation of Nurturing Nest Family Care Home was derived from the dementia struggles of our beloved mother and grandmother, Dr. Perla Peralta Cuadra. Affectionately known as ‘Mima’, Perla passed away in January 2020 after a 10- year struggle with dementia. She overcame tremendous odds as a young woman when she immigrated from the Philippines to NYC in 1960 to pursue her M.D. in Anesthesiology. Known for her remarkable kindness and desire to do for others, she truly left a mark on all who knew her. 
This care home was built in honor of Perla, and is dedicated to her memory and continuing her life mission of caring for others. During her 3 -year residency in a similar facility, we studied the varying needs of the 6 residents living there, and captured the sense of tranquility that exists in a smaller, more intimate care setting. The trials and tribulations of her ordeal with memory loss had a profound effect on those who loved her, and the founders of Nurturing Nest have incorporated the lessons learned through her care into the development of our own superior service standards.


Dr. Perla Peralta Cuadra

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